SOHO Hardware IP PBX's

Has anyone here has much to do with soho ip pbx's which work with SIP telco's?

i've been looking around, and there seem to be a number of them, but only a couple which are in the <400 gbp catagory...

the main contender seems to be linksys (if you don't mind paying licensing for more than 4 phones) i think there is one coming from asterisk also.

the reason i am asking is that i want to be able to offer a solution to customers where they will get pstn fallback from their IP voice solution if the adsl goes down, and also find a way to offer key and lamp for extension pick up, etc. currently using the voipfone vpbx you don't have that....

any suggestions/comments/advice?

There are a couple I've come across (but I can't vouch for either at the moment)

SNOM do a product called VoIP Box - I don't know if it's available in the UK

Talkswitch - mixed VoiP and pstn system - now available in the UK I believe.

I'm also investigating some SIP phones with PSTN lines built in which might suit the ADSL where you want both SIP and PSTN lines in a single phone but don't want a separate adapter.

I'll post back if I get more info...

yes i've seen the snom one too, but i cant find anyone who sells it, in the uk or otherwise. the talkswitch product is interesting but is not an ip pbx, its a soho pbx which support sip connectivity, but uses analogue phones.

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