Configuring the Tesco handset to work with Voipfone

Can anyone help me?

I was only in the UK for a week and so couldn't risk ordering a handset for delivery (and it not arriving before I left), so I purchased the Tesco VOIP package. I've binned the CD and the £5 voucher because I only wanted the handset but now I have a problem.

The handset works fine as an audio device, but I want to be able to use the buttons on the phone to dial. Can anyone tell me how to configure my VOIPfone softphone to allow me to dial from the handset please?

Plain and simple you can't!

There are no third party drivers available for those handsets or so I am led to belive, Tesco don't even provide any sip settings, you can only use their Voip service via their software!

You have wasted your money! :cry:

For everything VoIP

Hi, you might want to take a look at this link, it might provide some useful information about whether you can use the handset with SIP providers. It seems there are various drivers available that will allow you to use the phone with different softphone packages.

I dont have one of the handsets so I havent tried it but I would be interested to know if you do manage to get it working.

Hah!!!!! :D You are a genius!!!!! :D I love you and want to have your babies :lol: (maybe not, actually)

It works a treat!!!

The link you pointed me to has another link ( in one of the postings. Click the 'For Other Users' link on the left and download the X-TenMate for Windows. Unzip it, install it and you're good to go!!!!

My Tescos had a buy one get one free offer when I was there. This was in Mereway, Northampton at the beginning of April if anyone's interested. So now I have one plugged into my desktop at home (although in Chelem, Mexico I'm having huge difficulty getting an internet connection installed) and one that goes with me on my laptop where ever I go. Genius!!!!

I'm still considering buying a Linksys 330 NA though. I love the idea of configuring it for Voipfone and using it like a cell phone. It costs $350 but if I can lose my cell phone, it's well worth it. I have an Orange SPV M5000 which has built in wireless and I'm getting the Ericsson P990 when it comes out (if it ever does!), which also has built in wireless. Does anyone know of any softphone clients for Windows Mobile 5 and/or Symbian? This would give me the best of both worlds, cell phone when there is no DSL network and VOIP when there is. The next step would be a device that can switch between the two networks automatically. Default to VOIP, but switch (seemlessly) to cell network when you go out of range. Maybe I shoudl talk to Ericsson and get 50% royalties? :D

timfoster wrote:Hah!!!!! :D You are a genius!!!!! :D I love you and want to have your babies :lol: (maybe not, actually)
Hmmmmm, your name suggests that you dont wear skirts so I think I will say no to that offer :D

Sorry, I linked to the wrong page in my previous post, but you found it anyway.

Its nice to know you managed to get it working. I know a few people who bought the Tesco package and I am sure as eggs are eggs that they will soon want to move to a SIP provider for some of the more advanced features.

Message to Voipfone Support: Any chance of adding this information to the Voipfone FAQ and adding the software to the download page? I suspect that there will be quite a few requests from ex-Tesco users for this information.

Good idea to put the link (or better still the download file) onto the VOIPFone website.

I agree, there will be shed loads of people that want to use a 'proper' service when they realise what a con Tesco's is. If you can allow them to switch without any major problems (i.e. equipment purchases) people will jump at it. Does that mean though that shed loads of new punters are going to bring network lag with them? :)

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