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I've finally found voip provider that supports uk callerid hurray!!!

Anyways the questions.

I've noticed on the softphone multiple lines. Before I buy a phone adapter(looking at the linksys pap2) Can the service/adapter support multiple call outs at the same time?

For example you have 2 handsets(one base and extra handset) could two outgoing calls be made at the same time?. (I suppose its down to the handsets???)

The second question:

Does anyone DMZ their adapter and if so can it be done safely?

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press the recall button!

This will put the first call on hold and will allow you to make/receive another call!

Or you can setup another Voipfone account and use line two on the PAP2 device to give you two fully functional independant phone lines!
darlomrh wrote:Does anyone DMZ their adapter and if so can it be done safely?
Not to sure what your on about in the above question???
For everything VoIP

Thanks for the reply,

one of my biggest problems is that I only half explain myself. :wink:

So if one person is on on the phone already and some else wants to make a call I would need to set up another account and use the second line on the adapter?

Could I call out on the softphone whilst someone is on a call via the adapter?

As for the DMZ question: my router allows a device to access the internet directly and is not under control of NAT firewall.

Has any one done this and not had any nasty surprises found on thier network.


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