Help! Calls getting disconnected using Speedtouch 716


I am using a SpeedTouch 716 router, with a Be* ADSL 2 connection. I have loaded the latest firmware (

I am getting disconnected every time I make a SIP call. Yesterday, the call got disconnected after 3 min, then after 37 minutes. The router is registering fine with Voipfone, and the internet connectivity remains, even when the call gets lost. While I am in a middle of a conversation, I suddenly hear some beeps (like dial tones) and sometimes I cannot redial straight away. It takes 30 seconds or 1 minute before I can make another call. This is very irritating!

Looking at discussion online of people using SIP providers with the Bebox, it appears that people are not experiencing the same issue with other SIP providers.

I have contacted Voipfone support, but they can't see what's wrong. I do like their service, but it has now become unusable with this issue.

Any idea?


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