How many simultaneous calls can I make/receive?

Our system sets no limit to the number of simultaneous calls you can make or receive.

The number is purely a function of your own network, your telephone equipment and, critically, the bandwidth available on your internet connection to us.

On a standard 2mb connection with nothing else going on in your network, 3 or 4 simultaneous conversations using high quality codecs should be easily achieved.

Of course, if your users are not using the same internet connection, the number of users sharing your account is virtually unlimited. [The technical limitation is about 800 extensions on one Virtual PBX account].

If you have many users in the same physical location using the internet heavily as well as the telephones we find it best to have 2 ADSL connections one dedicated to VoIP the other to Internet services such as email, data transfer and browsing.

The crucial constriction is the ADSL uplink speed which is normally 256kbs. A phone call generally requires about 80kbit but can be much less if you use low bandwidth codecs. (This will degrade the quality of the call somewhat but will squeeze more down the same pipe and will still be better quality than the average mobile call.]

The new standard for DSL line is now 448kbs which will allow more as it is rolled out; probably 5-8 simultaneously. If you need much more then you will need SDSL.

Call quality can be helped by QoS technology now becoming available in SOHO routers. This software prioritises voice traffic over other data on your network.

There's a pretty good test tool here:

[note: the round trip time being measured is to the USA]

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