Presence/status indication.

Many folks have requested key-system-like functionality - where you can see the status of the other extensions.

There's a couple of ways of doing this.

For Snom users, supporting the Snom "shared line" functionality would allow the Snom function keys to be used in this way.

A more generic solution would be to provide some kind of "presence" or "status" indication through a web interface. This would present information for each extension regarding registration status, DND on/off, redirection on/off, call in progress/not in progress, incoming ring.

Even better would be if this were available through a web services interface. This would allow all sorts of clients to the info - one of which could be a simple web browser view, but also allowing CTI functionality such as "screen pops" for incoming calls.

yes i agree... i have the snom phones and i've heard of the "shared appearance", but to be "open standards" it would be better to have a non-proprietary solution.

the extension status lamp would add real value to buying the snom phones as i could allocate a DDI to each phone, and programme the other extensions so it gives a hybrid key and lamp solution.

I've read up a bit more on this. The Snom method is standards-based - it uses the SIP Subscribe/Notify methods, subscribing to changes in the Dialog event package, and is described in RFC 4235.

It wouldn't be hard to build a small local Windows app that acted as a dialog event client. This would then provide this capability for Snom and other users through the same standards-based mechanism.

i think somewhere else someone has written a bit of code and used IIS to publish it locally, but to be honest i don't really want to have to run a webserver to achieve this feature.

i'd much rather it was written and supported as part of the service by Voipfone.

unfortunately its something i need to be able to offer in order to pursuade a couple of potential customers to drop BT and move over to this solution - without it they just won't give up their old PABX because they like being able to see who is on the phone and pick up each others phones etc.

I'd love this functionality, I wish Voipfone would create an API that we could 'tap' into and create applications with etc using VB or similar. I'm interested in a number of things, inluding:

Call Popup
Presence indication
Status of Calls
Who other extensions are on the phone to etc
DND status etc

I've been wanting to create some sort of pop-up screen for incoming calls using PHP and html/xml, surely this is possible?

If written in PHP, it could then, no doubt, be connected to a MySQL database, which is the function I'm really looking for.

It also means that other platforms can use it, ie it's not Windows specific.

My Grandstream 2000 comes with a browser interface using html pages, therefore, as far I can see, I should be able to put some PHP together using a GET/POST command? Maybe with the new number-dailled caller ID function, it could pop up a pre designated page?

I can see it... I just can't write do you connect what's happening on the phone plugged into a router to your Mac/PC? I just can't see it... I know the technology must be there!!

BTW: my Grandstream has something called "PUBLISH for
Presence" with something called “Presence Watcher” as an option for speedial buttons. I'm wondering if this will do what suburban74 is looking for? Of course, I've no idea if it works yet, but will give it a go at some point.




Did anyone get anywhere with this?

Apparently there is a published field on asterisk servers that tells of lines in use, but it could be a bit of a red herring as well.


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