i have been testing voipfone with the x-lite softwere and am about to buy just a standard internet handset phone from my local pc shop pc world, it would plug in via my usb port i was just wondering what sort of config would i have to do to get the handset working properly like a normal phone?


I think i understand, iv orderd my phone shud be getting it tomorow or thursday,

so do i enter this infromation into the actully phone? or were abouts would i enter this, also do i leave softphone on the pc which am using X-Lite.

sorry for being a little dumb am new to this

You enter the details into the software used by the phone - you'll need to follow the directions on how to do this in your user manual.

If you intend to use the phone only, it's best to uninstall the X-Lite or delete its passord so that it can't register with Voipfone otherwise it will conflict with your new phone - you can only use one phone on one account (user name and password).
Colin Duffy, CEO, Voipfone

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