The difference between Inclusive Minutes and Calling Credit

Calling credit can be used to call any number anywhere and is charged by the second with a minimum charge of 1p. It is held on your account until it is used up. You can allow an auto-top up so that when your credit falls to a fixed level - which you can set to suit your usage pattern - it will automatically re-credit your account with the same amount again.

Inclusive minutes are fixed price packages of 500, 1000 or 2000 minutes of calls to a defined set of countries. They include both UK landlines (01, 02 and 03 numbers), most Western International landlines and a very few international mobile phones (where the receiving customer pays the mobile premium - such as USA).

Generally, the packages exclude calls to 08 numbers, UK and most international mobiles and the more esoteric international destinations.

[Please note that UK and European mobile phones are excluded from this package].

You can see what is included here:

These packages are designed for high users who expect to use all the minutes in the month, or make a lot of international calls (where the saving is between 35% & 41%) or just need the convenience of a fixed recurring charge.

Unused minutes are not carried into the next billing month. They are re-billed every 30 days on the anniversary of your first purchase. Call minutes are reduced in whole minute increments.

The packages can be cancelled at any time during the month. If you cancel them you keep the unused minutes until the end of the period and you will not be re-billed

They exclude calls to some non-western countries, UK mobile phones and some non-geographic numbers such as 0870 - if you want to call these you will need to add ordinary calling credit to your account.

If you call included countries when you have calling credit on your account your included minutes will be reduced, not your calling credit.

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