General settings for any phone

As there are a very large number of new telephones and adapters being introduced all the time and we can't give full details of them all, we provide the general settings for any SIP phone below.

The names of the individual settings are often different so we've included the more common ones:

Username/Account name/SIP ID/Authenticate ID/Authorised User = your voipfone number the 8 digit number starting with 3; 3xxxxxxx

Password/PIN = your 6 digit voipfone number

SIP Server/Proxy/Registrar =

Registration expiry/Proposed expiry = 1 minute or 60 seconds

SIP Port = 5060

Outbound proxy =

IP address (not usually required)

Other settings should be left at default.

Test numbers
155 - confirm
152 - Sound Test

You may have to fiddle around a bit if you've got a particularly esoteric device but any standards based, SIP hardware will work on our network. If you're really stuck please email us with as much information as you can and we'll try to sort it out for you.

Note: We are contantly introducing new features and functions that often rely on your equipment being up to date to work properly so we recommend that you check the manufacturer's web site for firmware upgrades for your telephone or adapter.

You should use the most recent, full release on their site. Try not to use beta software as it may not work with Voipfone.
(eg. If you have a problem with Message Waiting Indication (MWI) this is often caused by not having firmware installed that supports it properly.)

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