A more thorough guide for the ATA-1100?


Is there a more thorough guide for the ATA-1100.

I would like to know if there are any advanced configuration options, other than those in the web setup page. I would also like to know how the dial plans are supposed to work.

I notice that the device retrieves some information from ProVu - this appears to contain the settings required for the adapter (based on the device's serial number). Does this value have to remain and does the device have to resync the profile every 10 mins?

I read that the NAT proxy is not required for normal use of the VoIP service and I attempted to disable the use of the NAT proxy. Everything worked just fine. However, after 10 minutes, the settings were replaced, overwriting my option to disable the use of the NAT proxy.

It would be great if a slightly more comprehensive manual could be made available for the device.

Byrne G


the settings you see in the web page are all the settings there are. The config from ProVu provides the default settings for the device to make it work. You can remove this setting if you wish and your ata1100 can be configured how ever you want and the settings will never get overwritten.

The NAT Proxy is often required when SIP devices are behind a firewall. If your calls work without it then that's fine, if they don't then replace it. This is totally dependant on your router/firewall.

As for the dialplan, the syntax is the same as Sipura ATAs. A good place for info on this is a thread on the Voxilla forum:


Perhaps we need a similar thread on here?

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