Local Dialing Code

I am new to Voipfone so trying to set it all up correctly.

I have tested the numbers today and have come across an issue.

When people ring a local number from a landline telephone they tend NOT to put the area dialing code when dialing from within their own locality.

When I tested this the call didn't go through. I had to re-dial the number using the area code even though I was ringing from a landline within the same area dialing code.

I am concerned that customers will ring once without the area dialing code, not get through and give up.

Is there a way to set the system up to account for this and allow calls to be made my customers without the dialing code?


Re: Local Dialing Code


When calling from a local virgin media or BT PSTN line, you don't need to enter the local area code when calling your Voipfone local geographical telephone number. If dialling out from a Voipfone telephone, by default you do need to include the local area code whenever calling any local numbers, regardless of whom they belong to.

Depending on what phone or ATA you're using, you can include an updated dial plan string so that whenever dialling a local area code from your Voipfone VoIP phone, there is no requirement to include a local area code first.
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