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I have two questions as such... if the first isn't possible.. then maybe the second one is.

I have voipfone set up to call to my house phone through a PAP2 box. When somebody call my number it works fine so everything is set up great. I have seen that there are options for forwarding calls when I am busy, or miss the call. What I was looking for was if there is an option for it to call both my above set up, and my mobile phone. So calls will be able to be accepted by both (what ever is closest or most convenient).

If the above set up isn't available, is there an option for me to tell voipfone when to divert an unanswered call... so say I was to tell it to ring only 3 times then forward the call to my mobile?

If I haven't provided enough detail... please let me know and I'll try and expand,

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Re: Voip Phone and iPhone

Purchase two extensions, register extension 200 with the pap2 and extension 201 with a softphone on your mobile. Each extension will cost you an additional £1 per month month (Plus VAT). Diverting / forwarding a call to your mobile will cost you 10p per min (Plus VAT).

Once you have your extensions setup, navigate to "Services > Extension Numbers" in your Voipfone Control Panel and put a tick in both the "Group" boxes against extensions 200 and 201, save these changes. Finally we need to set your inbound number to ring both extensions, navigate to "Inbound Number Set Up" and set the "Routing" option to "Ring Extension Group", once again save these changes. Now when someone calls your number both your pap2 and your mobile phone will ring simultaneously.

Voipfone have their own softphone available in the app store, see: http://www.voipfone.co.uk/support-how-t ... ne-app.php

I recommend you make use of a softphone otherwise your going to be charged 12p per min incl of vat for the cost of the diverted call to your mobile!

Forwarding a call to your mobile after X amount of rings can be done via the PAP2's web GUI, enter your number in the "Cfwd No Ans Dest" field located under the "User 1 / User 2" tab and then set the timeout by changing the default value of the "Cfwd No Ans Delay" from it's default 20 seconds to that of your choosing. If Voipfone supplied the PAP2 then you can use also use the following short codes to activate / decativate call forwarding:

61*<number># diverts calls on no answer to the entered number
#61# turns off divert on no answer

If Voipfone didn't originally supply the PAP2 then try these short codes:

*92<number># diverts calls on no answer to the entered number
*93 turns off divert on no answer

You may also be interested in Voipfone's GeoDivert® app:

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