No calling between extensions?


I've just set up my virtual pbx. I have 2 extensions and they are both registered happily. I can make outgoing calls on both of these, however for some reason if I call the one extension from the other (200 -> 201 or 201 -> 200) then I get the voicemail option. This also happens if I call the incoming number - I just get voicemail, but if I use a softphone to call then it works fine and the softphone extension rings.

I'm using 2 x Cisco 7940G Handsets.

My Handset connection details are:

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# Line 1 Settings
line1_displayname: "Main Office"
line1_shortname: "Main Line"
line1_name: "30XXXXXX*201"
line1_authname: "30XXXXXX*201"
line1_password: "XXXXX"

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#Network Transition
nat_enable: 1
nat_address: ""
nat_received_processing: "1"
voip_control_port: "5060"
start_media_port: "16384"
end_media_port: "32766"

# SIP Timers
timer_t1: "500" ; Default 500 msec
timer_t2: "4000" ; Default 4 sec
sip_retx: "10" ; Default 11
sip_invite_retx: "6" ; Default 
timer_invite_expires: "180" ; Default 180 sec

# Line 2 Settings
line2_name: "UNPROVISIONED"
line2_displayname: "UNPROVISIONED"
line2_authname: "UNPROVISIONED"
line2_password: "UNPROVISIONED"
line2_shortname: "UNPROVISIONED"
proxy2_address: "UNPROVISIONED"
proxy2_port: ""

# Proxy Settings
proxy1_address: ""
proxy1_port: 5060
proxy_register : 1

# Phone Registration Expiration [1-3932100 sec] (Default - 3600)
timer_register_expires: 60

# Outbound Proxy info
outbound_proxy: ""
outbound_proxy_port: 5060
The softphone connections are:

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User ID: "30XXXXXX*201"
Display name: "Main Office"
Authorisation Name: "30XXXXXX*201"

Register with Proxy and receive calls (TICKED)
Send outbound via:
So I'm really not sure what to change on my cisco handsets.
Any ideas why its not actually connecting the calls?

Re: No calling between extensions?

Hi, Ah ok I'll update that in the morning - thanks for that :)

I did nip in to the office earlier today and I was having a read of the forums a bit more, Whilst reading I saw a post that said to try a downgrade to 08.02 (I was on 08.12 so I downgraded and it worked. The handsets can now call between the extensions, call transfer works etc.

Now I just need to figure out if I can set up my second line with a totally different supplier (I've read a lot of people have trouble using 2 different supplier on the 7940/7960's) and set up speed dials etc!

Such fun :)

Re: No calling between extensions?

Oh, so today a replacement router has arrived, this is an Edimax 3g-6200n

The IP is instead of, so the phones had a reboot and now no lines again - the network configuration shows as router etc, so thats all ok, it must be a firewall or nat issue I'd guess. When setting up port forwarding do I need to specify each handset that I need the ports open for?

Re: No calling between extensions?

Never used an Edimax 3g-6200n router myself but before you mess with any port forward settings try updating the firmware and disable SIP ALG as doing so usually fixes such issues.

Unfortunately you can not forward the same port to multiple IP simultaneously... When you forward a port you send all traffic to a single address. If you need 2 devices to receive the data on the same port then you need to forward it to a single device that connects those 2 additional devices to the network ( say another router for instance ).
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