Forum search link missing and search doesn't search forum

Morning! Looks like the forum search link isn't showing for some reason.

I've made myself a bookmark of search.php which has proved utterly invaluable over the last couple of days and managed to answer most of the questions which would have gone to support otherwise.

There's a search link at the very top of all pages, but that doesn't search the forum. Just thought I'd point that out - you might be able to avoid a few support tickets if forum search was more easily accessible :)

Re: Forum search link missing and search doesn't search foru

The forum does have it's own search facility, but it is only normally visible once logged in. You'll find it just below the Voipfone Forum logo.

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Re: Forum search link missing and search doesn't search foru

lardconcepts wrote:D'oh! You're absolutely right - there it is!

I think I probably saw the "search voipfone" box in the top right, and then probably didn't notice the new link once logged in.

Either way - oops! Carry on as normal, and sorry!
Originally the forum search feature was disabled to guests, this reduced server load and offered a better user experience. Had anyone entered directly into their browsers URL while not being logged in to the board in the past would of received the following error message:
Sorry but you are not permitted to use the search system.
This is why the forums search link isn't displayed when viewing the board as a guest, at some point someone must of enabled the search feature for guests but not updated the navigation menu to reflect this.
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