Multiple clients, multiple Operators, on screen info...

Apologies for what are probably basic questions but Im busy pulling together a new business which will depend on all of this working! So would be grateful if people could take a look at the questions/assumptions below and let me know if they're possible/ Im on the right track or whether its all just a pipe dream!

1) When a customer rings a client I want two things to happen, firstly information relating to the client to be displayed on screen along with booking forms etc. Im fine with coding all the web pages etc but basically I need to pass the following two variables to the webpages automatically from the data in the call.
a. The clients info, Im assuming the easiest way to get this is to return the VOIP number that its on,
b. The phone number of the customer.

So ideally, opening a URL along the lines of the following: ... 9007654321

If it can do that then I have a chance that this business can take off.

2) I assume therefore that to do the above I need to purchase a single VOIP number for each client, 10 clients = 10 VOIP numbers, 100 clients 100 VOIP numbers etc etc? Is that correct?

3) I then want multiple operators who will be dipping in and out of work so I need a single extension number for each of those?

4) I read that I can set the system to forward all calls received to all operators so if we have 10 operators then all 10 phones will ring with whoever answers it 1st getting the call. Is it possible to split this ie have 8 operators running like that while the other 2 deal with a dedicated client each (ie all calls for client 1 will go to Operator 9 and all for client 2 to operator 10 while clients 3 to 100 all go to the other 8 opeators?) If so, can this be turned on/off/ amended etc at will?

Im sure theres another dozen questions I have but if the above are all how I need them then Im 95% sorted for my ideal operation.

{nervous thumbs up}

Many thanks,


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