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Aha, set up Account 2 as the main account and now the "MESSAGE" button shows up for VM's left on group or extension.

So if I have a message on both I press it and it dials 1572. I delete the messages.
Light stays on.
I press the message again and it dials 1571. I delete the messages.
Light goes off.

So that's really good. Just make sure to disable missed call log otherwise you get double entries. Time to play and see if that's going to work moving forwards.

I'd still like to know how make the lamp light up on two programme keys for VM's to group and extensions. Selecting the "Voice Mail" options doesn't make them light up when a message is left.

Any thoughts?



Re: Yealink T26 Message Lamp (Message Waiting Indicator - MW


So got a call this morning but I'm guessing my phone rang using the group account set up rather than the extension account. Therefore I got a missed call.

I could set up the phone to not report missed calls from my extension but then I won't know about missed internal calls?

Is there any way of stopping the phone from accepting calls from the group account? I only want it set up so the message light illuminates when there's a group voicemail.


Re: Yealink T26 Message Lamp (Message Waiting Indicator - MW

Unfortunately what you want to do isn't possible, you'll need to manually dial the group voicemail or your extension voicemail, you can't setup a single account to monitor 2 mailboxes like that. This isn't any limitation on our side but rather the way the phones are designed to monitor a single mailbox.

If you have an account added as the master account it will always ring for calls to the default group.

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Re: Yealink T26 Message Lamp (Message Waiting Indicator - MW

Hi, worked it out!

Firstly I set up my extension on account/line 1. Then I set up the group on account/line 2.

Then go to Account > Basic and under Account 2 set Missed Call Log to Disabled.

Finally, went into Features > Forward&DND. Under DND there's an option just to set Account 2 to DND. Job done.

Now when someone calls my extension and leaves a message my VM lamp lights up. When someone calls the main number and leave a message my VM lamp also lights up. Plus I only get missed calls to my extension.

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