SNOM 220?


I'm looking around for my first piece of VOIP hardware. I was looking through the shop section and noticed you had an extension for the SNOM 220, but couldn't find the actual SNOM 220 phone. Do you sell it? If not, is there any particular reason?

I'm looking for a VOIP phone to plug directly into broadband router. I need it to have multiple lines (at least 10) to set up different numbers to ring on different lines in a different ringtone if possible (would be a bonus if I could import my own ) so that I can answer in my clients' company names.

Any advice on what the best and simplest (to set up) phone may be?



The 220 was discontinued a while ago but we still have some extension keypads in stock and probably will have for the foreseeable future :lol:

If you require a phone with the extension keypad facility we would recommend the snom 360.

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I was looking for something in the lower price range :oops: not specifically for add-ons. Apart from it being discontinued, is there any reason I couldn't use it if I found one for sale?

The Snom 320 looks okay. Could you tell me if the '12 programmable' keys means that I can have extensions linked to these keys/buttons?

Can anyone recommend any other phones that would house up to 10/12 extensions/multi-lines but is under £150?



the Snom320 and 360 both support up to 12 registrations (or lines as some call them).

The 220 was a very expensive phone, more than either the 320 or the 360 is now. The 220 only supported 7 registrations as well so isn't going to meet your needs.

I doubt you'll find a decent IP phone that supports 10 or more registrations for Snom320 money.

Thanks Hayesey,

I was thinking the 220 because, like the 360, it has an 'extension addon', but it's cheaper. I wasn't sure that the 320 had this ability. Do you happen to know, off hand, if it does? I was just speculating for the future...

I was also looking at the Grandstream 2000, which also has an exention addon, any experience with a Grandstream?

Must make decision soon :shock: but moths in wallet getting twitchy...



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