Problems with Calls from Orange Users


I have been testing the system in various ways, calls in/out to mobile, landlandline, VOIPfone numbers. I have just asked a friend to call my non-geographinc 056 number from her mobile, which uses Orange PAYGO. They cannot get through at all. The line just goes dead without it even making a ringing sound.

I can call in from my O2 PAYGO, so what's the problem with Orange?

Orange is a rather large mobile network provider, if non of their users can call my 056 number, I'm in trouble!!

Anyone having the same problem? Are there problems with any other networks?

I think I remember reading in the VOIPfone material that some mobile networks couldn't phone 056 numbers, I'd just assumed this would be some obscure networks I'd never heard of, not Orange.

Any help much appreciated. Could you with a quick response on this one, as I'll need to sort out an alternative.



you will need to contact support direct with details of the mobile number so that we can speak to orange

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Orange PAYG don't allow access yet, however contract users are likely to be able to call.

I complained to Orange technical team about 055 number not working ages ago.. They did not work 'til a year after i mentioned it to them.... So i would not expect them to be allowing 056 in a hurry!

I think 056 numbers are god damn useless!

I can confirm that Orange contract phones can call 0560, but the whole of NTL/Telewest seem doomed never to get through :?

I'm currently trying to decide if I should plump for 0870, 0845 or geographic numbers.

It's a real shame that the free 0560 numbers are limited due to the big telco's dragging their heels.


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