DECT Snom phones any advice?

Due to a change in circumstances Iam no longer going to be next door to my router so cant have a hard wire connection to my SNOM 360. This mean a DECT phone is my best solution and I would like to stay with SNOM I have had no problems with SNOM and always recommend them.

I have a few questions

With a DECT phone does the phone connect to a wifi signal or RJ45 to the charging base?

Do I need to have a separate box connected the phone to the internet? In an ideal world I would like the phone on its own with a charging base with a wifi connection to the router. This means I would only have on box rather than 2.

Can I host multiple accounts on a DECT phone? I am looking at the M25 and M65

Does anyone have any experience with the M25 or M65 using the voipfone service.

Look forward to your feedback


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