Access to voicemails from extensions

Hi all

First post.

I know this can be done, and have followed the instructions on the voipfone website, but to no avail. Also have searched for answers on the forum - can't find any - though, apologies if I've overlooked something.

I have Voipfone account with main phone in the house, and an extension outside in my office. I know I'm supposed to be able to go to "Services - Voicemail - Group Voicemail Permissions" to be able to allow my extension to access voicemails. But when I do this, the site will not allow me to 'tick' the boxes beside my extension. It has a row called "All extensions" with 10 boxes in the row - all ticked. And below it a row entitled "200" (my extension), again with a row of 10 boxes, but will not allow me to tick any of them......any clues??

Thanks in advance.

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