Port virtual vodafone landline to voipfone - voipfone form?

I'm trying to fill in the form to port our vodafone virtual landline over to voipfone but there are some questions I can't answer and vodafone are not being very helpful. I already asked voipfone once but didn't get an answer - they said to speak to vodafone.

Can anyone tell me what the answers to these questions are in my circumstances? The questions are aimed at BT landlines I think, and I reckon they are completely irrelevant here, but it appears I have to try to answer them anyway.

Line type - Is it single or multi? I'd guess single.

Does the line (number) terminate at an ordinary telephone socket ? - my guess is no.

Does the line (number) terminate on PBX group or other equipment ? - my guess is no.

Is line supplied by BT Highway or ISDN ? - I'd say this has to be a no.

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