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New to VoIPfone. Got some DE410 and the service last week. Surprised how easy the entire experience has been and very happy. I got 2 DE410 handsets as part of it. One of them booted and went straight in, the other has a message showing a fault. Looking for for upgrade.

It looks like it is corrupt firmware. I have done the power on-off thing. Nothing.
There is a reset hole on the bottom, should I poke a pin in this to cause a hardware reset ?
Happy to load the settings again based on the other unit.

Added some DX800a Gigasets which offer more function and they are working well.

Just need to refine the software setup (transfer, call redirects and other stuff.) Does anyone offer training and some setup on this as VoIPfone dont seem to offer it. I was looking for a days on site setup/tweaking/training. RG1 2 Location - Reading.


Re: Gigaset DE410

I know this thread is almost a year old but for anyone else who stumbles upon it...

Your phone is in rescue mode, you need to re-install its firmware using TFTP.

Follow the instructions below. Your Computer needs to be on the same Network as the phone (192.168.1.x).

For Windows users:
  1. Download the latest firmware for your DE410 from the gigaset website
  2. Open a command prompt window (DOS-box)
  3. Navigate to the DIR where the Firmware file you downloaded in step one is located (don't know how? see here)
  4. Type the following: tftp -i <PHONE-IP-address> PUT filename.img
MAC users:
  1. Download the latest firmware for your DE410 from the gigaset website and save it in users home-DIR
  2. Open a Terminal
  3. Type the following commands:

    Code: Select all

    connect <PHONE-IP-address>
    rexmt 1
    timeout 60
    put <filename.img>
Obviously replace <PHONE-IP-address> with the actual IP address of your DE410 and filename.img with the actual name of the firmware file you downloaded in step one.
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