Can a Cisco SPA112 be connected to a analogue answer machine


Need help with this issue.

i have 2 outside telephone numbers with Voipfone, each having 2 extensions

I would like 1 of my telephone numbers (with the 2 extensions) to run on the business hours and the other telephone number not.

My business closes for a lunch break and as such i would like 2 different voicemail greetings:
1. voicemail for outside business hours
2. voicemail informing we are closed for lunch

I cannot have 1 long generic message satisfying both criteria above - as the outside business hours message is an out of hours On-Call service. Whilst the customers who call are mostly sensible, there may be some who try calling the On-Call number during the lunch break! So for this reason i would like to keep things simple and have 2 separate voicemail messages.

Having spoken to a colleague of mine, he advised using the Cisco SPA112 analogue telephone adapter and connecting this to a analogue answer machine and setting this to pick up the call to voicemail at a shorter time interval.

Can this work?

if so how do i get this configured? or is there a better solution?

any help much appreciated


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