Weird problem with Ekiga softphone

For years I've been using the Ekiga ( softphone with Linux. When I try using it with voipfone (making test calls to 155) I'm seeing very odd behaviour.

I'm using a routeable IP address (i.e. not an RFC1918 address) so there's no NAT involved. There's no SIP ALG in use, and I've run Wireshark upstream from the firewall so I'm not dropping important packets.

If I register to, when I attempt to setup a call to I see the INVITE go out.
I get a reply of 407 Proxy Authentication Required, and then see another INVITE go out with the Proxy Auth credentials. And then..... nothing.
Ekiga repeats the INVITE with Proxy Auth credentials a couple of times but there is no response at all from (no 407, no 5xx or 6xx, no further packets back at all).

That might indicate a problem with the username/password, until I discovered the following:

Whilst still registered to, if I attempt to setup a call to (note the different domain, and that I haven't registered to that domain) then the call succeeds. Wireshark shows the normal transaction (responds to the INVITE with Proxy Auth credentials with "100 Trying" and "200 OK") and I get the test call audio.

Just for fun, I stopped Ekiga and reconfigured it to register to instead (different domain). Now it's still odd, but the other way around - a call to fails (no response to the INVITE with Proxy Auth credentials) but a call to succeeds.

So at this point I'm totally puzzled. I have a hardware phone - a Grandstream BT200 - which uses to register and to call, and works OK. But Ekiga has to use different domains for registration and calling when using voipfone (and that's not the case when using it with sipgate or

I just wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if anyone has an explanation for what's going on.

[ I have Wireshark capture files available, although they'd reveal my account number ].

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