No QOS, Give priority via ip & ports (Port Forwarding)

OK here goes, I have replaced my Linksys WRT54GP2-NA Wireless router with 2 voip ports for a PAP2 & a netgear wireless router simply because I wanted a 108Mbps wireless network where my old device only had 54Mbps.

Set everything up and it all works like a dream, However my wireless router does not have QOS, However I can give priority to a device via it's ip address and the ports it uses however what 'ports' do Voipfone use! (Port Forwarding)

I am not having any problems and my sound quality is just fine at present but I have not been using my broadband that heavily and should I start then I may get problems when using the phone at the same time so hence the reason why I'm asking this question now!

I have found over on the Vonage UK forum people are using the following ports in order to setup their router, below is a copy of the thread:
We set our Draytek to prioritise UDP ports 10,000 to 20,000 and it works like a dream.
Are these the ports my PAP2 will use to transmit my data/calls through?

I also read the following which askes the same thing really but never seemed to get an answer so I hold out little hope of any answer myself:
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For everything VoIP

- you can set the rtp ports in the pap2 config pages - as you have seen.

- if you can set priority by ip address/mac then that should be enough I'd have thought.

- bear in mind that the call is made with rtp and that is udp (incase your Qos makes a distinction)

To be sure sniff it out with ethereal during a call.

My Qos is set pretty much as you have it, works fine.

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