Sequential calling in call groups

Just a quick message to say to send some kudos for what is overall, an awesome service from Voipfone. The no-nonsense approach to IP telephony ("SIP trunks don't exist" etc. etc.) is particularly valued.

There's one feature that would be hugely valuable to one of my clients, though - and I imagine this functionality would be useful for every business user with a Voipfone account.

At the moment, it isn't possible to implement sequential calling in call groups, wherein a call group rings each extension in the group sequentially when a call isn't answered by an extension within a preset time.

There ought to be an option to specify what happens if no extensions in the group answer the call; either to ring around the group again, or to go to the group's voicemail inbox.

I appreciate that this feature would need to co-exist gracefully with Voipfone's design paradigm, but it'd be particularly useful in addressing the particular needs of some small businesses.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts! :D

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