Reception Switchboard sofware on PC

Hi, we have one number for inbound calls, & approx 50 extensions. We still have an old fashioned human receptionist for transferring inbound calls to the relevant extensions & we don't intend to switch to a 'press 1 for sales'-type system for call transfers.
Can anyone advise whether there is any kind of software available for a desktop PC where the receptionist can see the incoming calls on a switchboard GUI-type software, & transfer the call to the relevant extension via mouse-click?

Re: Reception Switchboard sofware on PC


We have something that you might find useful. It provides a screen where your receptionist can click to transfer (or just call without a transfer) whichever extension/person the caller asks for. Optionally, they can also record the caller's details, send a message by email/SMS (or to another extension), see who is in and who is out (meetings, holiday etc) and have access to useful information on their screen.

If you are interested please send me a message.


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