Recommendation for ADSL router with VOIP

I've had been using a Fritz!box VOIP modem but the connection with voipfone became bad when Voipfone changed something, so I added a Linksys adapter and all was good.

I really like the options the Fritz!box gave me for routing calls and the like but am looking to upgrade my setup to include 11n wifi and gigabit ethernet connections. Ideally I'd like to have the voip built in.

Can anyone recommend a Voip router that:
1. Has at least two VOIP ports for regular PSTN phones and works reliably with Voipfone
2. Allows for multiple SIP accounts and the routing to the PSTN phones.
3. Has 902.11n wifi
4. Has at least 4 gigabit ethernet ports
5. Doesn't cost the earth?



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