Zoiper - Android phone stuck at "End Call"


I am testing Zoiper as sip client for sip calls using freepbx, only as internal way of communication.

I run into a problem
-Sometimes a phone will get stuck in the "End Call" button.
-Zoiper will stop responding and slow down the smartphone
-If you force the Zoiper to stop, the phone will still be slow even with zoiper closed
-If you open zoiper again he register in the sip server , you can make and receive a calls again , but there is no sound and the call end a few seconds after you pick it up .

only rebooting the phone seems to work
android 4.1 motorola D3
freepbx 2.11

there are any parameters that i can add to zoiper or asteris that would solve the stuck at "End Call" issue ?


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