New Business setup - What do I need.

Hi guys,

I have just set up a new business, I have registered with

What do I need?

There are 2 of us, we want to use the 1 number and 2 internal extensions so we can forward call between us, or if 1 is busy the other can pick up the calls etc.

I've been looking on the account section and have no idea what I need from the package builder. Also what hardware other than phones do I need in the office? Or can they just be plugged into the router?

If someone could let me know here or message/email me with what I need to get started that would be great!


Re: New Business setup - What do I need.

Bit late replying now I know but what you needed was a phone number of your choice lets say an 01 UK geographical number, 2x extensions and 2x voip telephones. These need to be connected via ethernet unless you purchase wifi capable phones!

A UK geographical phone number costs £2.40 per month... Just click on "Package Builder" and then "UK Voice Numbers" located in the left hand list and choose what one you want.

A single extension costs £1.20 a month... Again just click on "Package Builder" and then "Virtual PBX" followed by "extension Numbers" and follow the on screen instructions.

So total monthly cost to you including vat would be £4.80p plus the initial outlay of whatever voip telephone hardware you choose to buy. I would recommend going for a Snom as they are fully supported by Voipfone.

Hopefully this will help out someone else with the same questions.
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