Outages - Recorded message announcing backup number facility

I have a suggestion for considering a new facility that I think would be very helpful for those occasions when there is a serious technical fault within the voipfone infrastructure that prevents incoming calls being connected to Voipfone users. I am aware of the "PSTN failover" facility but this is only helpful when connectivity is lost between our own network and/or PBX and the Voipfone system and not when Voipfone itself is suffering a "loss of service" within it's own network.

If it was possible for each Voipfone customer to be able to create (in advance) a special recorded message for when incoming calls cannot be connected then it could announce something like; "Due to a technical fault, please call our backup number which is 020 123456". The backup number would not the responsibility of Voipfone as it should obviously be hosted with a completely different provider than Voipfone so that it would (generally) be available when needed.

I appreciate that this might be "very difficult" or considered "too expensive" because such a facility would, I guess, need to be implemented on a "separate system" than the main Voipfone system. However, once designed and created, perhaps it would be relatively quick (?) to start-up a "basic automated message system" that would handle incoming calls in this way until the main Voipfone system is fully sorted out and back in action ?

Does anyone else think such a facility would be useful and, perhaps, would be "something they would be prepared to pay for" when continuity of incoming calls are a very important business requirement ?

Re: Outages - Recorded message announcing backup number faci

It's a sensible suggestion, but as a relatively new user I don't know how great is the need. I hope this is not really needed and that the trade-off between putting resources into this and putting resources into core voipfone resilience makes it worth improving redundancy on the core infrastructure.

I note this is a 2 year old request (I'm just scanning this forum section).

If the OP is still around, could you comment on whether you have experienced many outages before or since posting?


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