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I have a subscription to receive an email whenever there is a post to the service status forum. today there was a major outage and I did not receive this email.

Can someone please advise? I rather defeats the object if I don't get the email. For all I know I was without service and missing important customer calls. If I had gotten the email then at least I may have been able to divert my calls to another number. I am assuming this divert would work with the type of outage today of course :-)


Re: Subscribed to receive emails from service status forum

You didn't receive any notifications because the forums went down along with everything else. Voipfone were supposed to be hosting the forums through a third party outside of their core network so in the event of a total failure like earlier customers could still access the forums.

I guess they decided against that idea.

Voipfone had a total core failure, all incoming numbers were dead and no failover or diverts were possible. It was as if Voipfone's data center had been stolen by aliens just like the hospital on that episode of dr who!
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Re: Subscribed to receive emails from service status forum

In fact I'm pretty annoyed. I ditched my last provider (sipgate) because they were unreliable and I never knew from one day to the next if my line was actually working without ringing it. I switched to voipfone based on their excellent service record and business grade service and support.

I'm wondering if I made the right choice now. First time there is a serious outage and I knew nothing about it.

Not good.

Re: Subscribed to receive emails from service status forum

I have to say that yesterdays outage was frightening, I was out of my office, not normally a problem, all of the issues that voipfone trows up can be handled on line, Normally.
the very fact that Vopfone basically disappeared of the planet left me with 4 employees sitting doing nothing and customers being lost for the whole time, not to mention a very unhappy customer i provide call centre services for.

Voipfone, could you please find a way for the fail over to work in such situations?

Re: Subscribed to receive emails from service status forum

Hi All,

As WelshPaul did mention, our service status (forum) was unavailable during yesterday's outage, which for us is a rare occurrence. We host our status page outside of our regular Voipfone network, so should there be an issue - we're able to provide customers with updates.

We do of course understand the importance of communication (especially during an outage) and keeping our customers up to date with what we're doing, and more importantly - letting you know when we'll be back.

Unfortunately for us, the forum was also unavailable during the outage, which we do understand the frustrations and concerns for.

As a backup measure we did use our Voipfone Service Status Twitter to keep customers up to date who were affected by yesterday's outage. (Worth a follow @VoipfoneStatus)

We will of course be examining the cause of yesterday's issue, as well as improvements we can make to keep connected to our customers during the event of any failure. We'll be posting a full report on the Service Status page which will summarise yesterday's issue, the steps taking to mitigate the problem, and the actions we've put in to place to prevent this happening again.

If anybody would like to discuss this further in the mean time, please do not hesitate to send us an email to, or call us on 020 7043 5555.


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