This morning

I was under the impression that this user forum was hosted separately to the main website, and that there was a fail-over on the other systems.

This morning we were unable to make or receive calls. Callers to our number received a "BT" style message saying that the number was not recognised.

After carefully checking all our internal equipment we tried to telephone voipfone as the websites were not responding.

We listed to a recorded message saying to visit for information, but that website did not respond either. As a business which has taken the brave move to have our phone numbers moved to voipfone this was very disappointing and the advertised redundancy does not seem to be effective.

Re: This morning

A service status page (or this forum) that is genuinely hosted completely separately and so is always accessible is surely easy to implement?

You can imagine the sorts of questions I was being asked this morning. All phone lines down, Voipfone website down and the page that the recorded message asks you to visit is also down. People were wondering if Voipfone had gone out of business and what would happen to us and our phone numbers.

On the whole the service is reliable but things like this really sent the confidence of end users.

Re: This morning

We apologise for the interruption to your service today. This was caused by a connectivity problem between the data centres we use.

Services were confirmed to be back at 12:09.

An incident report will be published on our forum here: ... cc0638f7db with details on what happened.

Issues like this are rare, we fully understand the inconvenience caused to your business and take the problem today seriously.

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Re: This morning

It is very poor that this forum is not hosted completely separate from the rest of the network.
It costs a few pounds a year for a bit of PHP hosting. Surely a good investment.?

When this forum was originally setup following a previous outage we were assured it was indeed hosted away from the core network, hence the different domain name. Obviously we were lied to by Colin Duffy! (or he was lied to by his own support/network team who set it up)

I would really like to see the PTSN failover at the very least kick in for such situations.

We were very concerned when both websites were down and as others have mentioned we were worried that you had gone out of business and started to scramble to look for alternative vendors. If it wasn't for looking around twitter we would have been in the dark.

Overall we have been happy with voipfone over the years and understand outages can happen (so can PSTN lines) but communication with your clients it a must.



Re: This morning

I agree completely, this forum (or a service status page) must be completely separated so that it is available regardless of other voipfone problems. Especially as your recorded phone message was asking people to look at this page for information. I also remember reading that this was already the case, which of course then further increased my worries this morning when the page was not responding.

Re: This morning

I can confirm the forums were hosted by a third party host for this reason, it was hosted by them for a year or two minimum. I know I helped set it up and the reasons for doing so were as stated by you lot above.

For whatever reason they must of moved them. (Have not worked on the forums for a couple of years now)

So I don't think Colin lied to you, he really is a genuine and honest man. I will state that I am not employed by Voipfone and I am just a customer like the rest so no reason to lie.

I totally agree that the forums should be hosted away from the core network as I too thought they had gone bust! And I'm no fan of twitter either so hopefully they take note and put in place a plan that prevents a total blackout in future.
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