G'stream GXP2000 occasionally unregisters shortly after use

I have had an idea that the registration of my GXP 2000 often failed shortly after using it to make or receive a call - but have found the idea hard to confirm.

So, for all this week (up until 11:30 am Wednesday), I diverted all my incoming calls to a mobile (via BT divert service) and made most of my outgoing calls via a BT line. Since doing this, I have not noticed any registration issues with my GXP 2000.

Immediately after cancelling the divert to my mobile, and making the first call, I notice that the GXP 2000 is unregistered - less than 1-minute after terminating the call. I waited several minutes, but the device needed a re-boot to re-register.

I'm on the new network and am using the nat proxy (registration is a major issue if I do NOT use the nat proxy).




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