Gigaset 410 Display Name


Setting up a set of Gigaset 410 desk phones. I had powered down to move system and on power up the display name was back to "Ext. 201" etc. I had set these before in the phones web setup menu.

All other settings on the phones saved however in:

(Admin) Telephony > Connection > Voipfone > Display Name

It is defaulting back to settings im guessing it downloads from the master account. I have set every caller ID, name etc type setting i can see to what i want however this keeps coming back on the phones.

Can i either stop this getting overridden from where ever it coming from, or change where ever its coming from?

I want them to say:

[Local number] - [Initials] [(Ext)]

for example, 123456 - SJG (206)

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