OBihai OBi200 / OBi202 and Voipfone...

I shall start by saying that this is not a sales pitch... I setup an independent UK VoIP Forum a few months back and I have been given some free OBihai equipment to test and review and as I use Voipfone for all my VoIP needs I will be testing them with their VoIP service.
I don't know if anyone has come across this brand before? OBihai has been created with the same Engineering team that started Komodo and invented the ATA, Komodo was sold to Cisco. Then Sipura was created which again was sold back to Cisco and the team went on to develop the range of SPA handset and Cisco ATAs on sale today.

Over on my forum I have a thread dedicated to testing these devices for use on Voipfone. It can be found here.

If you want to keep an eye out on the progress or join the discussion your more than welcome.

The end goal for me is to get these up and running with the Voipfone service, so just like the Cisco / Linksys stuff I intend on creating a custom Voipfone dialplan and set them up with UK regional settings. All of which will be posted here on the Voipfone Forums at a later date! :D

These ATA's look promising, and well worth a look.

Oh I have managed to secure some of the latest Snom phones such as the Snom 870 and will be doing a full review of those with use with Voipfone so watch this space. :D
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