Caller Line ID used for lookup on customer database

Hi all,

I've been using voipfone for a number of years now and have a few different IP phone numbers all ringing into one office and onto one Siemens handset system. What I'm wondering , is if there's any way to run some software on my PC's which will monitor the caller line ID (phone numbers) of incoming calls, so that I can capture the callers number and use this as a reference to lookup the customers account on our (Magento) system.

ie, by the time I've answered the phone the customers account details are already infront of me on the screen.

I know my local independent pizza shop manages this with their till system, so it can't be that hard to do can it?

Any help or pointers in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Caller Line ID used for lookup on customer database

Based on my (limited) knowledge of Magento, it might be possible with the right plug-in or add-on. See if your developer is able to create a simple test webpage (i.e. HTML + JavaScript) that displays a Magento page listing all customers with a certain telephone number. If this is possible, we should be able to provide screenpop functionality.

It's a bespoke office communication/telephone web app we hope to release this year.


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