Potential new PBX customer - a few questions

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here, sorry if these have been answered elsewhere - I've had a look but can't find them.

I have a shop that will use the PBX service with 2 or 3 extensions.. I understand that I can use a Group allocated to a phone number which will effectively create that store as a single group.

With our plans to open a second store, we could do the same with another group and another number allocated to different extensions in that shop.

My questions are:

- is it possible for each group to have a different CLI outbound so shop 1 would have outbound say 2345678 and shop 2 would have say 3456789 depending on the numbers we pick?

- Would each extension handset operate like an internal phone? Eg.. pick up handset and could dial 209 to get extension 209 and dial 9 to get an outside line?

Many thanks, sorry if these seem like silly questions but just want to be sure before we commit to buying any hardware.


Re: Potential new PBX customer - a few questions

Hi David,

You can present any of your numbers as your outgoing CLI from your control panel (go to Virtual PBX > Caller ID). As you correctly say each extension behaves like an internal phone except you don't need to dial 9 for an "external number", just dial it as normal. If you use a snom handset it's easy to setup a dial plan to speed up dialling (and prepend your local area code if you want to) but this isn't necessary as it'll just work out of the box.



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