Cost of receiving calls?

Hi, I'm struggling to find any information on how much I will be charged to receive calls to my local (geo) voip number..

Obviously there is this section on prices for outgoing calls but nothing about the charges incurred by the recipient (me), when receiving calls from non-voip callers?

So for example, if I purchase an 01 number and my customer calls me from their 01 number, or mobile, etc (non-voip), it's going to cost me something surely? I just want a table of 'incoming call charges' basically..

Does such a table of charges exist? I cannot find one anywhere..

Thanks for any help!

Re: Cost of receiving calls?

Just to avoid any confusion, my local number will be VoIP, the person calling me would be non-voip - they pay their local number rate to their landline or mobile service provider, but there must be a cost to voipfone for handling the call for me to receive, so what I need to know is how much will I be paying per minute?

Re: Cost of receiving calls?

The cost of the call is set by the phone provider your calling from, Your 01 voip number is no different as if it was with BT. If you call it from a mobile it will cost you no different than if you were to call your home landline say with BT, if you have free minutes on your mobile then calling your 01 voip number will cost you nothing as it comes out of your free minutes.
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Re: Cost of receiving calls?

There is no inbound call cost for a UK 01 number.

Incoming call costs apply to UK 080x numbers we supply and also some international numbers. Information on those charges can be found here and here ... umbers.php

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Re: Cost of receiving calls?

Chuckun wrote:Thanks for taking the time to reply, Paul!

You've misunderstood me though, what I mean is if you phoned my 01 voip number from your non-voip phone, would it cost ME anything to take that call?
Are right my bad, teach me to post so early in the morning. I didn't see your second post when i replied only your first. sorry :)

As Voipfone already answered there is no incoming call costs when using 01, 02, or 03 Geo numbers.
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Re: Cost of receiving calls?

@voipfone - thank you for clarifying! I had heard two different things from third parties so I wanted to make sure I understood the charges before purchasing.

@Paul - not to worry, I'm not great in the morning either! On a off-topic side note, I'm not too far from Swansea myself! <insert welsh banter here>

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