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Ive been playing around and getting used to setting everything up today, (first time).

When I asked about this service I was told that the virtual landline numbers are the same as real UK landline numbers cost wise to my customers.

I asked if someone phoned from their landline to my number what would the cost be to them, I was told its all exactly the same as if they were phoning a normal landline number.

So today I've been doing a few experiments as I try to get the hang of it all.

I phoned from my new voipfone number with my Virgin Media land line and straight away got a price list over the line letting me know how much the call costs would be for calling my number, now my VM phone package gives me free calls 24/7 and I've never heard this before, I hung up straight away.

So who is charging me and who give me the call charges list Virgin Media or Voipfone.

Re: Customer call costs

Call costs depend on the number you have, if you have an incoming number beginning with 01 or 02 for example the cost to call that number would be free if called from your virgin media landline as you have a package allowing free calls to those numbers.

If however you have an 0845 number set-up on your Voipfone account as your incoming number then you would be charged per minute to call that number from your Virgin Media landline unless your package allows free calls to 0845 numbers.

A number is just a number, regardless of who your provider is, lets say your Virgin Media landing was 01792 123456 it does not cost more to call if i was on BT, the charge is based on the 01792 are code alone not who your phone provider is.
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Re: Customer call costs

Thanks for the reply, yes its a 01 local number so who was it that give the call costs message over the phone before it rung through, was that message from my voipfone as I think it was and if so can I switch that recording off as it could put customers off phoning me if they think they have to pay on their free calls package.

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I'm not aware of any Voipfone messages being played regarding call costs, if your account is a new account it could be Voipfone message i suppose informing you as your a new customer of the call costs. I have been with Voipfone for years and i never had that message before.

Do you have a mobile? call the number from that and see if you get the same message. If you get any free minutes on your mobile calling the 01 number will be free!

Usually any pre recorded message informing you of the call costs are from the company that your calling from. it's like calling an 0800 number from a mobile phone i always get a pre recorded message informing me of the cost of the call before being connected as 0800 numbers are chargeable from mobiles. The message is from the mobile network and not from the provider of the 0800 number used by the company your calling.
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Re: Customer call costs

Thanks for the reply, I thought it very strange as the costs are the same as any normal landline phone or so I think that's the way it is. Ill do a few more experiments this week and try to get to the bottom of it.Ill contact voipfone and see if they can shine any light on this for me.

Re: Customer call costs

If you haven't got to the bottom of this, please give us a call on 020 7043 5555 and we'll see if we can help shed some light on this odd announcement.

^ LS

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