Service outage: 21st October 2013

Firstly, a big thank you to Voipfone for fixing this outage quickly. I recognise that it is very difficult to fault-find and resolve these issues when dealing with multiple providers, servers and services, and I sincerely appreciate the effort it can take to resolve these outages.

Like many other customers, we depend on our phones for everyday business - and even more so at the moment, when we are busy on the phone recruiting attendees to forthcoming events. This outage reinforced for me how dependent we are on the service (and quality thereof) provided by our telephony supplier.

I'm therefore interested in knowing Voipfone's approach to SLAs towards their own customers. I cannot find this documented anywhere and I'm surprised if this hasn't been requested before. Could someone furnish me/us with this information, please?

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P.S. if anyone from Voipfone reads this, I would also kindly request to have a different method of communicating network outages to their customers, e.g. SMS messaging, especially if the forum is hosted on the same domain/IP network that is experiencing the difficulties...

Re: Service outage: 21st October 2013

I'm not 100% positive about the current status of the forum but previously the forum was always hosted outside of voipfone's network not only for security reasons but should one fail the other remained active. (Not that I am aware of ever being unavailable, this ensured users could obtain info, status updates etc.)

You can subscribe to the service status thread and receive updates via email, I think they have an RSS feed but not to sure anymore as I'm not on the boards as often as I used to be.

As to any SLA I have no idea, but it would be interesting to find out if there is one or not.
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Re: Service outage: 21st October 2013

Our apologies for the delay in the reply to this, please allow me to clarify;

Our forum and status page is hosted outside our network, so in the event of any outages this service should always remain available for up to date information and updates. We've recently started pushing updates to customers via Twitter @voipfone too.

With regards to SLAs we've thought about this for a long time, and we do understand the importance of reliable communications (and we do, we use our own products too) - an SLA usually just guarantees a percentage of the monthly services as a refund in the event of an outage, which is usually in favour of the service provider in abundance of terms and conditions. Generally, an SLA doesn't guarantee a service level uptime.

That's not to say we don't strive for 100%, because we do. We've recently taken on a second data centre to create a fully-meshed redundant network, which is capable of taking up the load in the event of an entire data centre failure - We're serious about our service, and our customers services.

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