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I'm a new customer of Voipfone and the service so far is good. I've been using the service with a softphone but have recently obtain a Panasonic IP phone that I want to use.

All is good apart from outbound dialling, in that it doesn't dial. I get a dial tone and you can here the tones but it goes no where.

Inbound is fine and I can receive calls with great clarity so just need this working now.

The broadband is with BT and all that seems ok too


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I had no luck with getting these phones to work and after weeks of trying, and to be fair to voipfone the guys there tried every setting they could think of, I gave up.

Please let me know if you get yours to work, as I still have 10 of them !!!

Kind regards.


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Just had the following reply from Panasonic:
Dear Mr Norman,
Thank you for your e-mail.
We appreciate that you have kindly taken the time to write to us with your enquiry.
In response, I would explain that the most appropriate course of action would be for you to send your enquiry to our Professional Products department, by following the link below:
I trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards,
Customer Service Team
Panasonic UK
So we wait some more! :D
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Re: Panasonic KX-UT113

I have a Panasonic KX-UT113 and spoke to Voipfone to get it setup.

In conclusion, these phones DO NOT support extensions.

So I have set mine up on the master without the *ext. This works perfectly for both incoming and outgoing calls.

I'm a bit gutted really, because I really like the phone.

I will have to buy a different phone for my extensions.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks,


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Just to update an old thread/topic...

I found my old UT133 at the back of my wardrobe so I dusted it down and upgraded its firmware (apparently there was a new version released on: 2014/12/2 - v01.285). Looks like Panasonic may have fixed the issue, these phones now seem to work with Voipfone extensions!

For the record, firmware v01.285 definitely wasn't available at the time I last posted on this thread (Apr 07, 2015), v01.278 was listed as the latest which had a release date of September 2013! :?
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For the KX-UT113NE download the firmware file called UT11x12x-01.285_HW1.fw located here.

By default, the web interface of the Panasonic KX-UT113 is disabled for security purposes.

To enable it, press Setting on your handset and then enter #534 using the keypad. Scroll to Embedded Web and set it to On, and then press Enter.

You will now be able to navigate to the web interface by entering the IP address of the device into your web browser. If you are unsure what this is, press the Setting softkey and scroll to Information Display. Press Enter and scroll to IP Address. This will display the IP address of the unit.

Once you have access to the phones GUI, click on the 'Maintenance' tab, then 'Local Firmware Update' and finally click on the 'Browse' button next to 'File Name' and select the firmware file you just downloaded to your desktop.

Click on 'Update Firmware', after the firmware has been successfully updated, the unit will restart automatically.

I setup my Panasonic KX-UT133 phone with the following configuration:

VoIP > SIP Settings > Line 1
  • Phone Number: your voipfone account number, in the format 30xxxxxx*xxx
  • Register Server Address:
  • Register Server Port: 5060
  • Proxy Server Address:
  • Proxy Server Port: 5060
  • Presence Server Port: 5060
  • Outbound Proxy Server Port: 5060
  • Source Port: 5060
  • Authentication ID: your voipfone account number, in the format 30xxxxxx*xxx
  • Authentication Password: Your voipfone account password
I could make and receive calls successfully using the above configuration.
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Hi WelshPaul and wkdmarty, I'm going to speak to one of my colleagues to see about getting this checked on the alternate firmware. As soon as I have an update I'll post it here. - Mark H

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for responding, just to add to this, I did test my Panasonic KX-UT133 earlier with another VoIP provider that uses a similar userID format (1xxxx*200) as Voipfone and both inbound/outbound calls worked just fine when using firmware version 01.285 with them.

After testing the device with another VoIP provider, performing a factory reset and setting the phone back up with Voipfone using the as the proxy, the phone continues to work just fine. As before changing to results in all inbound calls failing.

I haven't done any other real in depth investigating on this as I haven't had the time today so it will be interesting to see what Voipfone tests reveal.
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Re: Panasonic KX-UT113

Oh wow, thanks for the post updates, sorry it's been so long in my reply, I didn't receive notification of your post.

I'll try this setup on my Panasonic and report back.

Just one question, if it works with and not .net, why not just leave it with the address?



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