Android Acrobits Softphone and T-Mobile UK


First, thanks for a brilliant service. I have recently set up my virtual geographical number and PBX with two IP phones (one in the house and the other in the workshop outside). All working brilliantly!

I get quite a few incoming calls and often I am out and about.

Now I have my virtual number divert to my mobile after a certain amount of rings but I am concerned that some of these calls may last a long time and I'll end up paying a lot (10p per minute?) for incoming calls to the mobile phone.

So, I had a bright idea and decided to purchase Acrobits for my Android phone based on the recommendations here.

I have spent the best part of an hour trying different things and Googling like mad to get it to work on 3G but no dice. It works perfectly on my WiFi but that's pretty useless to me.

Are there any special settings to get it to work with T-Mobile UK (monthly contract) , like alternative ports and NAT Traversal etc?? Or are they just being mean and blocking all VOIP traffic?

Has anyone successfully set up their T-Mobile phone with Voipfone or is it impossible?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Kind regards,

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