Cisco SPA112 - PBX 2 extension configuration

The VOIPFone site doesn't currently have good configuration instructions for this adapter. I found that configuration for the standard 1 line with a VOIP account worked without any problems.

However configuring the adapter to provide the connectivity for 2 extensions proves to be a BEAR..

After a protracted struggle I found that

Configure Line 1 with the same password as the account - and then entering the user id containing the PBX extension e.g. 31000000*200 worked

You can then configure Line 2 with its own password and apply the user id in the same fashion e.g. 31000000*201.

The adapter fails to register any line if it doesn't have the password for the overall account in one of the line configuration setups. None of the authentication options seemed to help with the dual password problem. This was the cause of the headache..

Hope this helps

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