Cisco SPA112 & 122 Firmware

Hi All,

This is just a heads up for anyone using a Cisco SPA112 or the SPA122, if you have one of these units you will no doubt be frustrated by just how poop they are. The firmware to date has been plagued with nothing but bugs causing it to go catatonic, crashes, no dialtone etc. etc. etc.

Well there is hope, there is a new pre-release firmware 1.3.1 (003) floating around which Cisco hope fix all the issues us users have been plagued with.
Hi Community,

Here's a link to the 1.3.1(003) release candidate firmware on my SkyDrive:
Please note that this is not officical firmware at this stage but you're welcome to test it if your SPA1x2 is exhibiting the issues described in this thread.


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