Extension shortcuts, caller ID and Call Group behaviour

Hi there,

I'm a newcomer to this excellent service and have a few newbie questions about PBX extensions. Apologies if they've already been answered elsewhere on the forum: I did search before posting, but couldn't find answers to these.

1) Is there an internal shortcut code to call my main number from an extension? As it stands, I can call my extension from my main number using '200', but do I have to use the full 11 digit number to call my main number from my extension? If so, are calls between the two still free? (And does it matter (cost-wise) whether I dial the 05... main number or the UK geo number I've since added to the main account?)

2) Does Caller ID work if a call is VOIP to VOIP (e.g. if I call my extension from my main number)?

3) If I have a 'pure' extension (i.e. one without its own phone number) in the same Call Group as my main line and set it so they both ring for an incoming call, are both lines then 'engaged' when that call is answered? (i.e. if both phones rang and I answered using the main line phone, would a subsequent second call still ring the free extension or would it go straight to voicemail? Can this behaviour be changed?)

Many thanks in advance for any help - and thanks for an exceptional service! :)

Re: Extension shortcuts, caller ID and Call Group behaviour

1. You can call internal extension direct, just by dialling there extension number from your own extension.

2. If you call an extension from another extension it will display your name programmed into your device and your extension number.

3. If you have your number set to group, all phones in that group will ring, if some are in use and only one is not, that will still ring. If you had ten extensions and only one number, these can all be set to ring at the same time if in the group, and all extensions can be set to show the same number as your outgoing caller ID

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