Busy Lamps - Cisco SPA phones?

We're in the process of setting up Cisco SPA502G phones for use with Voipfone, and are wondering if we can get busy lamps to work properly on an SPA500S extension keypad?

I realise they've only been tested with SNOM's but I'm assuming we can't be the first people to try and get a Cisco/Linksys handset running with them...?

So far, I have the following settings configured (to monitor extension 203)

Server Type: Asterisk
Key 1 - fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=203@$PROXY;ext=203@$PROXY

The configured keys are currently steady orange, and show on the phone's attendant console status as "subscribed". They do not change colour to reflect the status of an extension although we can use them for speed dials (except when trying to transfer a call).

Has anyone got any ideas? As a starting point, is Asterisk the correct server type for Voipfone?

Many thanks,

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