Routing ported number to standard line?

We are moving but wish to keep our incoming phone number - this is no possible with BT as its out of area so the best option seems to be to port the number to voipfone....

...once this is done can we divert it to an incoming landline rather than using it as a pure voip solution (the internet connection isnt going to be very good and the building has an existing comprehensive PBX and phones)

Re: Routing ported number to standard line?

You sure can, simply setup a Voipfone account and arrange to get your BT number ported over. Then simply add some credit to your Voipfone account and create the divert.

Remember though you will have to pay for the diverted part of the call so remember to keep your Voipfone account in credit. :)

Check out the following links for further information and pricing regarding number porting as well as diverting calls: &

Hope this helps.
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