Sipura SPA-2100

I am about to order the above item from voipfone, however before I do so can you confirm if it is compatable with a 10Mb BB connection?

i.e. I need to know if the inbuilt switch can candle a 10Mb connection?

I did read a tec sheet but it said pending under the port info!
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The Sipura documentation shows it to be IEEE 802.3 10 Base T, RJ45 connections. ie it works at 10mbs.

But its own connectivity shouldn't affect the rest of your network anyway unless you're linking it to another switch, which is not ideal - switches tend to be 10/100 mbs so you'd slow your network down if you did.

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The Sipurs SPA-2100 has a Wan & Lan port, So if I connect my modem to the WAN port and my PC to the LAN port and the device cannot handle the full 10MB broadband then my PC will not be able to take advantage of it either!

I belive you need a 10/100 Mbs for it to work with a 10Mb connection.

Looks like it won't be any good for me! :?
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pops1000uk wrote:where you get 10meg from?

You can get 22MB ADSL broadband to in some areas!

There are not many VOIP hardware adaptors etc that work with high speed broadband!

My Linksys does because it's a voip router!
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