Mitel 5330 - Can't Register Extension

I've got a Mitel 5330 that I've put into SIP mode but I can't for love nor money get it to register my first extension.

I've never setup a VoIP phone or used a VoIP service before so am not sure if it's a result of my ignorance or the fact that this is the most illogical, propitiatory and awkward piece of hardware that I've ever come across.

A little bit of Googling suggests that this is a poor choice of handset thanks to Mitel no longer providing the 'little people' with firmware updates. I suspect a firmware upgrade may well solve any bugs that may be producing my issues.

I can call out using the handset, listen to VM (both 1571 and 1572) but that's it. 155 says I'm successfully setup with the Voipfone service and 152 sound test is fine. If I check my Voipfone control panel then extension 200 isn't registered and never has been.

To save what little sanity I have left I made the extension password the same as the master account, to take that variable out of the equation and assuming my account number is 30999999 (which it isn't) and password is 999999 (which it isn't), I've tried every possible combination of:

30999999 and/or 200 and/or 30999999*200

With the following settings:
*User ID or Extension: [30999999 or 200 or 30999999*200]
*User Display name: [ANYTHING]

*SIP Authentication User Name: [30999999 or 200 or 30999999*200]
*SIP Authentication Password: 999999

*SIP Proxy Server:
*Port: 5060
Scheme: UDP

*SIP Registry Server:
*Port: 5060
Scheme: UDP
I've also tried & 5060 for 'Outbound Server'.

If I look at the phone's attempt to register then all it says is:

Code: Select all

Entry    Method     UserId        URL                                            Expires(Sec)  SIPcode      Status
1        REGISTER   30999999*200                           60            0            Preparing
I can't find anything else to change anywhere. I think the only other setting I've changed is 60 seconds for 'Registry Duration' and static LAN network details.

I found a guide of how to get this handset setup with an Asterisk server and it said to not be fooled by the 'User ID or Extension' field, put your account number in there as well as the 'User Name' field.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Does anyone know any possible way of acquiring the latest firmware for this device or see anything that I'm doing incorrectly above?

If I export the settings, it spits out an XML file where there is a "Realm" attribute with a null value:

Code: Select all

      <User State="1" ID="30999999*200" DispName="My Display Name" Pwd="999999" AuthName="30999999*200" Realm="" RegSvr="" RegPort="5060" RegScheme="2" ProxySvr="" ProxyPort="5060" ProxyScheme="2" VMSvr="" VMPort="0" VMScheme="2" OutSvr="" OutPort="5060" OutCtr="0" Ring="1" Line="0" EventSvr="" EventPort="5060" EventScheme="2"></User>
Is this important? Can I manually try a value in here and re-import the backup file?

Do I need to open any ports other than 5060 in my router?

Many, many thanks!

Re: Mitel 5330 - Can't Register Extension

I wonder if the phone is somehow sending a malformed SIP request?

If I force the phone to attempt to re-register, the following combinations produce a 488 status:

Code: Select all

User Id/Extension: 30999999*200
SIP Auth User Name: 200

Code: Select all

User Id/Extension: 30999999
SIP Auth User Name: 200

Code: Select all

User Id/Extension: 30999999*200
SIP Auth User Name: 30999999*200
all produce:

Code: Select all

Entry    Method     UserId        URL                                            Expires(Sec)  SIPcode      Status
7        REGISTER   30999999*200                           60            488          Preparing
Status 488 appears to mean ' Not Acceptable Here - Some aspects of the session description of the Request-URI is not acceptable.'.

I've also tried additionally opening up port 5004 and placing the IP phone in the router's DMZ, with no joy.

Re: Mitel 5330 - Can't Register Extension

Please email support so we can run a SIP trace at our side to see what's going wrong.

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